The Chicago International Produce Market (CIPM) is home to over 22 independent produce merchants that each bring a unique value and perspective to the market. The variety of products available is unlike any other produce distribution center in the Country. Buyers can view merchandise from among the vast displays of fresh, high quality produce.

  • At the CIPM you will find merchants with state-of-the-art facilities. See our merchant directory to contact a facility you may choose to tour.
  • Merchants at the CIPM pride themselves on food safety. The CIPM is home to merchants who are certified and governed by food safety entities such as Primus and the USDA.
  • CIPM merchants “Don’t break the cold chain!” The merchants at the CIPM ensure that their customers are getting the very best when it comes to freshness by ensuring that their commodities are transported in temperature controlled and monitored trucks. Refrigeration is always recorded and closely monitored so that the cold chain is never compromised.
  • Look no further! If you’re looking for a specific commodity the CIPM merchants are sure to have it! You can find even the most exotic fruits and vegetables under one roof. Take a walk down the CIPM “street” and find everything you’re looking for and more!
  • Need delivery? No problem! All the CIPM merchants have the ability to deliver your purchase. See specific merchant directory for details.
  • The CIPM is proud to be one of the nations biggest wholesale produce markets, with the ability to serve and deliver nationwide. Please see merchants for specific details and restrictions.
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